Squirrel Team - Fandom Support Group - Logo

The history of the Team began with Squirrel: a fantastic girl who needed support on her way to overcome the disease. People with whom she shared common interests, such as RPGs, board games, and LARPs, came to her aid. In the blink of an eye, the group grew to almost 9,000 members, bringing together fantasy fans with great hearts from all over Poland.

Now, during organized actions, fans help fans – and they always come out victorious. But the only thing they lacked was a banner: a sign under which they would act together. And that’s how the Fandom Support Group logo was born.

The logo depicts a fighting squirrel with a shield in the shape of a 20-sided dice, which is the most recognizable symbol associated with RPGs.

The logo comes in two forms – static and dynamic.
When the group is active and fundraising: a dynamic logo is used.
While the group gathers strength and no action is in progress: the static logo is in use.